Phyto-Pharmacological Review of Solanum xanthjocarpum Schrad and Wendl

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P Arora
S H Ansari


Solanum xanthocarpum, Schrad and Wendl (family: solanaceae) commonly known as the kantakari or Indian night shade
is known for its invariable medicinal properties in traditional system of medicines. Plant is found throughout India mainly
at dry and waste places as weed along roadsides. Phytochemically, S. xanthocarpum contain a number of phytoconstituents
including alkaloids, sterols, saponins, flavonoids and their glycosides and carbohydrates, fatty acids, amino acids etc. Large
medicinal value of the plant is mainly due to presence of steroidal alkaloids, mainly, solasodine and solasonine and many
others. Scientific studies report antiallergic, antiasthmatic, antifertility, nephroprotective activity, immunomodulatory
activity, cardiotonic activity and anti-urolithic properties. of plant. Plant is also one of the components of several traditional
herbal formulations, dashmularista and kanakasava. In vitro and in vivo experimental studies of S. xanthocarpum provide
evidence for traditional use of plant as an antiasthmatic, immunomodulatory and diuretic drug.

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