Antioxidant Potential of Various Parts of Delonix regia

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M B Salunkhe
N M Pise
D K Gaikwad


The young leaves, buds, petals and pods of D. regia were analysed for antioxidant potential. The various concentrations of methanolic extract were used for detection. It was noticed that the DPPH radical scavenging activity of leaves and flower, petals exhibits higher than the buds and pods. The metal reducing power and H2O2 scavenging of leaves, flower, buds and pods shows overall similar antioxidant potential but less than the standards. Thus plant parts of D. regia might be utilized in various nutritional and pharmaceutical formulations as a natural source to improve its antioxidant potential.

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Salunkhe MB, Pise NM, Gaikwad DK. Antioxidant Potential of Various Parts of Delonix regia. IJPPR [Internet]. 25Aug.2019 [cited 5Jul.2020];11(4):312-4. Available from:
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