Current Trends in Seaweed Research – Overview

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Karthik B
Vinoth Kumar R


Depletion of non-renewable resources becomes unavoidable in this growing population to meet the need of its food supply requirements. The needs for the exploration of renewable, cost effective and non-toxic drugs are also increasing; this situation turns our focus towards the natural resources. One among such resource is seaweeds. They are macroscopic marine algae with global distribution. Recent research trends show the application of seaweeds in bio-fuel technology, wastewater treatment, therapeutic biomolecule identification, nutritious food source, bio-fertilizers and cosmetics, etc. Japan and China is using this valuable resource to meet their food supply demand from fourth and sixth centuries. The presence of commercial products like carrageenan, agar, etc. in seaweeds has increased their industrial application in a greater way for the human welfare. Here, we will discuss the recent trends in seaweed research and their various commercial applications.

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